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Welcome to Pi-Shaped!

May 12, 2012 Leave a comment

This being the first post, some introductory words would go well here.  So, welcome to Pi-shaped!

Because I think of readers of a blog as investors (investing time and brain power), and the writer as the entrepreneur (striving for the next good idea and post),  I figure I should present this first post as a pitch.  After all, why should you invest in my blog when there are so many great blogs out there?  There’s a concept floating around about the shapes people adopt.  I consider myself a “T-shaped” individual.  Great depth of knowledge in one specialized area.  Broad base of general knowledge in many areas.  However, I’m on a quest to develop into a “Pi-shaped” individual.  My goal is to present to you, the reader, a not-so-random assortment of posts and musing from the experiences and knowledge intended to allow us both to become just a little bit more Pi-shaped.  Or T-shaped.  Or any-shaped.  In short, let us shape each other into better people.

Since this is a pitch, I should present the backgrounds of the management team, right?

I received my BA in chemistry from a small, liberal arts college where I was encouraged to become knowledgeable in many non science-related subjects.  One of the most important traits I gained was the ability to stay grounded no matter what outside forces were acting on my soul.  Midway through my sophomore year, I was faced with my first, true pivot; organic chemistry, a requirement for my initial neuroscience major track, was too fun to give up and I had to keep doing it.   Hard to believe, I know.

The natural path of being a young 20-something in the sciences led me to graduate school, where I developed my vertical component to my T.  I received my M.S. in organic chemistry, but one of the major themes I took away from grad school is that it really is best to be true to oneself and no one else.  Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself.

With an analytical mind, I’ve continuously sought out the “why” and “how” of events that affect my life directly.  During the overactive hurricane season of 2005, I learned about meteorology, particularly hurricane tracking and forecast.  It is estimated that Hurricane Katrina  cost over $81 billion in property damage.  Lives were forever changed because of large, spinning masses of tropical air.  I had to know why.  I had to know how.  More recently, during 2011 hurricane season, I accurately predicted a Long Island-based landfall of Hurricane Irene a week before while the storm was just north of Puerto Rico.

The current economic downturn has encouraged me to study our financial system.  Our economy has endured the longest recession since the great depression.  I had to know why.  I had to know how.

Which brings me to my goal: to impart any sort of knowledge I’ve gained in the process of asking why and how to you, the reader.  And, hopefully, by doing so, we’ll both learn a thing or two.

So, readers, what shape are you?

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